To contact Friends of Hinckley Station please use the form below or contact us on 07455 123883.

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  1. Hi

    I work for Arriva and Hinckleybus and we have been looking at ways to improve the bus to/from rail experience in Hinckley and wondered if you would like to chat about it with us.



  2. Hi Simon, we’re very interested and I’ve sent you an email.



  3. Hello Hinckley!

    St Alban’s CE pupils in Hampshire were very excited to hear that Platform 1 is part of #PolliPromise. We wondered if we might send you one of our posters so that others might follow your good example?


    Miss Newman

  4. Hello Miss Newman, all our planting is wildlife-friendly, peat-free and pesticide-free, and we’d like to help spread the word about pollinator-friendly gardening. I’ll send you an email ?

  5. Dear friends of Hinckley,
    You won the ballot bin smoke to vote and we wish to pay you the £100. My name is Nicholas Laville from Hinckley and Bosworth council and I need your bacs details… bank sort code, account number , account name , reference number , email …
    kind regards
    Clean neighbourhood officer

  6. Hi there ,

    Have you found someone to paint a mural at the station ?

    Kind regards

    Julie Manson

  7. Hi Julie, thanks for getting in touch. Did you see this on Facebook? We don’t have a Facebook account but someone has put it on there and there has been some misunderstanding.

    We are not looking for a professional artist to paint a mural. We as a group are going to paint parts of the footbridge, including some simple pictures, and we were asking if anyone would like to join us.



  8. As Chairman on Campaign for Better Transport (Leicestershire) I read your letter in tis week’s ‘Hinckley Times’. As I live in Barwell, Hinckley is my local station, and my wife and I use it quite a lot.
    I am also a member of Leicestershire Local Access Forum (a statutory body coordinated by the County Council to look at relevant access and Rights Of Way matters), and I have asked for their guidance on the matters of the footbridge and footpath.

    I have also asked the Borough Council when we can expect to see some action on the notice board and the bushes, etc. And I have asked East Midlands Railway for their plans for the station, as they are promoting a £50k. fund for improving local stations on their network as I understd it.

    When I get any replies I’ll let you know.

  9. I’ve just received a reply from the County Council. They say that they have done some relevant research and, once you leave Hawley Road towards the station, the land involved is not their property so they are not responsible for it.

    So we’re back to square one I’m sorry to say.

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